What is The Kacey Welch Method™?

The Kacey Welch Method™ is a simple, two-step process of sew-in Silk Wefts. It does not involve chemicals, braids, or discomfort, nor does it damage the hair in any way. Instead, The Kacey Welch Method™  is intended to give you the hair of your dreams without any risk. Beginning with a thorough consultation, followed by impeccable installation, and resulting in a seamless look, The Kacey Welch Method™ is truly unlike any you will ever experience anywhere else. Kacey prides herself on the intimate in-person training she conducts in her classes–she personally trains and certifies all of her Artists ensuring dependable and consistent results.

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What are Silk Wefts?

Silk Wefts are what set us apart from the rest. We truly believe the ‘Hair is the Method’. Silk Wefts are 100% human hair sourced from the highest quality available. Because our primary concern is the comfort of each person who wears the Silk Wefts, we designed them so that they lay perfectly flat to the natural head.

Colors and Lengths?

There are six different color blends designed to match everyone, no matter their hair color. All colors were designed with darker roots and balayaged pieces for a classic, natural look. Our Silk Wefts come in 16″, 20”, and 26.”

Can I color my Silk Wefts?

The simple answer is yes. Any of our Certified Artists can custom color your Silk Wefts to match your natural hair. Stick with a professional and you can’t go wrong.

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