Celebrity Hair Stylist & Creator of The Kacey Welch Method

Los Angeles native Kacey Welch is one of the leading hair color and extension experts in the world. She is famous for creating the most natural looking hair extensions using her unique technique, The Kacey Welch Method™, as well as for her meticulous attention to detail and her sharp eye for color.

In 2007, Kacey trained with Justin Anderson as a color expert. She worked as a master colorist making women beautiful at Roil Salon in Beverly Hills for ten years, during which time she developed The Kacey Welch Method. During the years when she was perfecting The Kacey Welch Method™ on her clients, she recognized that there was a void in the industry–a high demand for natural, harmless hair extensions, but nowhere to find exactly what she knew her clients needed. So in 2017, Kacey designed a line of Silk Wefts. This hair turned out to be far superior to anything else on the market, and she just had to share it.

It became Kacey’s true passion to train other professionals in The Kacey Welch Method and she began traveling, teaching sold out classes across the country. In these classes, professionals are trained by Kacey herself in all the techniques necessary to give their clients the hair of their dreams. They are also granted exclusive access to the Silk Wefts and become Certified Artists in The Kacey Welch Method.

In addition to her teaching, Kacey maintains a celebrity clientele and is a co-owner of ROIL Studios. Some of the people Kacey makes gorgeous are Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Rita Ora, LeeAnn Rimes, Carmen Electra, Sharon Stone, Erin Andrews, Allie Webb, Ireland Baldwin, Kathy Bates, Kristen Cavallari, Alison Sweeney, Lauren Bushnell, Kristina Schulman, Harry Hamlin, Brec Bassinger, Abbie Cornish, Kirsten Dunst, Jenni Garth. Kacey also keeps a number of influencers and content creators looking their absolute best. These next gen stars with over 150 million followers include Kaitlyn Bristow, Daisy Keech, Kinsey Wolanski, Charly Jordan, Sabrina Quesada, Mads Lewis, Abby Rao, Beasteater, Mariana Morais, Not a Content House (NACH) and Clubhouse.