• Max Gillies

    Dallas, Texas

    Using Kacey's hair and her method has given me the opportunity to give my clients the most high end, gorgeous looks that they are obsessed with. The Method of installation itself is damage proof as my team and Ihave been able to literally heal over processed, broken hair. The Silk Wefts and their quality are unmatched. As a colorist- the custom colored wefts are a dream come true. Kacey Welch and her Wefts are the new standard. In 2021 I did 180,000 in KWM alone! I am on track to do double that in 2022. I am thrilled to be apart of this brand and look forward to so much more beauty for my clients in Dallas.

  • Carolyn Cole

    Raleigh, North Carolina

    I have been a stylist in the industry for over ten years, have traveled internationally and thought I’d seen all the extension world had to offer; turns out I was, without a doubt, I was wrong! To say that The Kacey Welch Method has changed my life would be a complete understatement. The trajectory of my career has shifted in a direction that not only creates more financial stability but more importantly it better positions me to do what I love, making women feel beautiful! My hourly rate went from about $95 an hour on average to at least $120-200 depending on the week. Then my monthly income went from an average of $10k to almost $25k! I would easily say I’ve nearly doubled my average month’s salary!

  • Christie Gleisner

    Chapel Hill, North Carolina

    Since taking the KWM class March of 2021 I have been blown away on howmuch this has changed my career! I went from $300- 400 a day and I am making $2000 to $5000 dollars a day! I am a mom of 2 boys who are 2 and 3 years old. I work 3 days a week and have trippled my income! My biggest month to date was $24,000 and that is working only 3 days a week. I will forever be so greatful for this amazing opportunity and reccomend it to absolutley everyone who wants to make a ton of money!

  • Hollie Haskins

    Westwood, MO

    Working with The Kacey Welch Method has completely changed my outlook on hair extensions. The KWM hair is hands down the most beautiful and resilient hair extensions on the market. I won’t install any other hair! I would say my sales have increased by 40% since becoming a KWM artist.
    I have made more per hour probably by $50 an hour. I was making about $75an hour before and now about $125 - When doing KWM and color together I make around $185 an hour.

  • Gracy Ramirez

    San Diego, CA

    Since becoming a certified artist I have grown a confidence in providing beautiful wearable hair with the absolute least amount of damage. There has been a shift in the extension industry. Clients are seeking out high end quality hair, and becoming more aware of proper care in extension services. I have 100% retainment of extension clients because of proper installation techniques. I especially love the artist directory, it generates new clients in my chair looking for KWM extensions. Which means, I make triple the money using KWM than any color service in a fraction of the time, and that is my favorite part.

  • Jeremy Morgan

    Nashville, TN

    As a stylist for 18 years now and working with almost every extension line out there I cant say enough about KWM hair! And not only the absolutely amazing hair and method but Kacey and her team are the BEST in the biz! They are so friendly, super responsive and probably the most supportive down to earth brand I have the pleasure of working with. I was VERY easily able to swap every single extension client out without hardly asking. Some still wearing and using their original wefts easily over year with no shedding or damage. That alone is mind blowing. I make so much more money then ever on extensions not only for the service but on the wefts too (I work in a commission salon) all thanks to Kacey. It’s actually become life changing, not only for my income but for not having to worry about damaging my clients hair or the embarrassment of their hair slipping out or loosening. My clients and I will never look back! Thank you KWM

  • Lisa Pontillo

    Phoenix, Arizona

    The Kacey Welch Method has advanced my training as a luxury hair extension specialist. Kacey’s product and method have elevated my business. The silk wefts are the highest quality hair on the market and the method is comfortable to wear and keeps the natural hair healthy and strong. I give women the hair they dream of by enhancing their beauty using the Kacey Welch Method. Prior to my KW certification, hair extensions were 30% of my business; with my KWM certification, my extension business has grown tremendously and is 60% of my business and my hourly rate has increased by 80%!

  • Hannah Cotton

    Indianapolis, Indiana

    I have been doing sew in extensions for over 3 years and I have always loved this method for the clients hair and the natural look. But KWM has dramtically changed not only my clients hair in a major glow up kind of way but it has significantly increased my income! I am obsessed with Silk Wefts, there is nothing comparable to Kacey Welch hair or the KWM education team!! All together everything is 100/10 Reccomended!!

  • Noelle Muri

    Orlando, Florida

    I have tripled my income doing The Kacey Welch Method!! I have an extreme healthy business and and amazing Gucci collection. Wink wink.
    I am certified in several extension systems and have tried them all but the KWM is the only one I recommend! I believe the hair is truly the best on the market and The Method is healthy for the natural hair, the clients actually see their hair growing. The quality of the Silk Wefts along with the integrity of The Kacey Welch Method has given me and my clients confidence and satisfaction with 100% retention rate. I am so happy to be apart of this brand, to offer my clients in Florida something they truly love!

  • Nadia Moore

    Louisville, Kentucky

    Having the opportunity to be personally trained by Kacey Welch at one of her intimate hands on technique classes was the turning point for my career 3 years ago. Offering my clients the exclusive silk wefts has provided them with the celebrity quality hair they deserve. I was not only able to immediately get a positive return on my investment for the class, but since then I have been able to consistently multiply my income year over year. With the help of KWM, my husband and I are on track to having a paid for house by the end of this year. Truly life changing!! If you’re ready to take your life and career to the next level, I can’t recommend this class and community enough!