Everything you need to know about the Kacey Welch Method™

1. What Are the Kacey Welch Method Silk Wefts?

Silk Wefts are what set us apart from the rest. We truly believe the ‘Hair is the Method.’

2. What is the difference between Silk Wefts and Hand-Tied Wefts?

Silk Wefts refer to the actual construction of the hair extension piece. The Kacey Welch Method Silk Wefts will never unravel or shed!

3. What are the lengths and densities?

All of our Silk Wefts come in three lengths and weigh 30-35 grams.

4. How many Silk Wefts do I need for thickness?

It’s really up to you as the Artist, as well as the client, but we generally recommend 1-2 pieces for thickness.

5. How many silk wefts do I need for length?

We recommend a minimum of 3-4 Silk Wefts for adding length.

6. What are the colors?

An in-depth look at all six designer colors.

7. What sets our Silk Wefts apart from everyone else?

Our hair is truly the highest quality and can last 8-12 months with proper maintenance. Watch to learn what else sets up apart!

Learn the Do’s and Don’ts for Maintenance