Do air dry, blow-dry, curl, & wash
your hair as if she were your own.
This girl holds a curl.

Do get new hair
every 8‒10 months.
Treat yourself!

Do get your hair colored,
brazilianed, or permed.

Do wear high pony’s and cute
updos—just be gentle!

Do keep your blonde extensions
BRIGHT & beautiful!

Do use a mineral sunscreen.
Sun Bum Mineral SPF is our go-to!

Do pack a detangler in your beach bag.
dpHUE Color Fresh Leave In
Mist is our favorite!

Do make your KWM Brush for Everyone
your new favorite accessory.


Don’t worry about doing your hair
everyday—dry shampoo is your bff!
Oribe Dry Volumizing Spray is our favorite!

Don’t forget this is a luxury product
and needs to be treated as such.
You’re gucci girl.

Don’t forget to have a Certified Artist
do it—you’ll thank us later!

Don’t pull your weave
too tight (she’s expensive).

Don’t let them turn pink or coral
from sunscreen exposure.

Don’t use sunscreen with Avobenzone
& Oxybenzone—read the label!

Don’t forget to protect your color.
It’s up to you to keep your
hair silky, smooth.

Don’t forget to brush
thoroughly day & night!

Kacey & the KWM team want you to live your best beachy & beautiful life BUT we are not responsible for any damaged or discolored KWM Silk Wefts due to sunscreen, chlorine, self tanner, swimming in the ocean, and any anything in between.