Berlin Blonde – Tape Extensions



Luxury Tape Extensions

Made with 100 percent human remy hair. The colors are Kacey’s designer balayage blends made perfectly with darker roots blended into lighter pieces to mimic your clients natural color. None of our hair has any textile dyes so you can color and tone as needed. We use an invisible technology so the hair goes all the way to the top of the tape piece covering any root. This will integrate the natural hair and extension hair to create a seamless, camouflage blend. This technology is what makes our brand new Luxury Tape Extensions superior to other brands.


Invisible tape skin weft.

42 grams per pack.

3 inches wide, 8 pieces per pack

Sold in packs.

Caution: self tanners, chlorine, sunscreen  and ocean water have the potential to change the colors of the Silk Wefts. The Kacey Welch Method is NOT responsible for hair that is exposed to these factors, and we highly advise avoiding them.