Roman Holiday Bundle



Stylist Exclusive

@kennely_m is amazing in our Roman Holiday! She is wearing 4–26 inch Silk Wefts!  We added 4 Silk Wefts to create length and density. We recommend a minimum of 4 Silk Wefts to create length.

4 x Roman Holiday

A blended, brunette color designed to match Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel.

FORMULA: 2 Natural Root Balayaged into 6,8 and 10 Natural.

This color can be toned, never bleach.

All Silk Wefts come 12-13” wide and are approximately 37 grams.

As a caution: self tanners, chlorine and ocean water have the potential to change the colors of the Silk Wefts. The Kacey Welch Method is NOT responsible for hair that is exposed to these factors, and we highly advise avoiding them.

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