Parisian Sunset – Flat Tip Individuals



Stylist Exclusive

Leaning on the ashy side, this color was intentionally designed to have an extreme contrast. Going from a 3 Natural to a 14 Bleach to match most of your ombre and lived in clients. Made with 100 percent human hair, Designed to lay perfectly flat to the natural head with darker bonds for a perfect seamless blend. Our Flat Tip Individuals can easily be worn as full bonds or simply cut in half to create a smaller bond for finer hair and detailed work around the face. Follow Kacey’s color mapping to create a perfect blend or create your own custom looks.

Total: 40 Keratin Bonds – About 1 Gram Each

1 Formula – 3 Natural Root Balayaged into 8 Natural with Big Pops of 14 Bleach
3 Natural root melt 3 Inches into 14 Bleach – 24 Individuals
3 Natural root melt 7 Inches into 14 Bleach – 10
3 Natural root melt into 8 Natural – 6

This color has no textile dyes or toners. This is a bleach only color and can be toned and colored by a professional.

Caution: Self tanners, chlorine, sunscreen and ocean water have the potential to change the colors of our Hair Extensions. The Kacey Welch Method is NOT responsible for hair that is exposed to these factors, and we highly advise avoiding them.