Parisian Sunset Bundle



Stylist Exclusive

@maarebeaare is beautiful in our longest length available! 26 inch Silk Wefts in Parisian Sunset. To achieve this length, we recommend using at least 4 Silk Wefts to give a strong density.

4 x Parisian Sunset

Parisian Sunset has very high contrast and was designed to match most of your ombre clients, think Sarah Jessica Parker.

This color can be toned, never bleached.

FORMULA: Color 3 fading to 8 natural Balayage with big pops of 14 bleach

All Silk Wefts come 12-13” wide and are approximately 37 grams.

As a caution: self tanners, chlorine, and ocean water can potentially change the colors of the Silk Wefts. The Kacey Welch Method is not responsible for hair exposed to these factors, and we highly advise avoiding them.

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