London Calling – Petite Silk Wefts



Stylist Exclusive

This is our brightest, most solid blonde. Made with 100 percent Grade A+ hair. Designed to lay perfectly flat to the natural head, Petite Silk Wefts are made with a tiny piece of Silk at the top of their construction to give a comfortable fit. There is no return and all Petite Silk Wefts can be cut vertically and will never unravel. These are not hand tied wefts. Petite Silk Wefts go in perfect tandem with The Kacey Welch Method and most sew in methods.

Compare our new Petite Silk Wefts at 20 grams to our Luxury Silk Wefts at 37 grams.

Formula: 8 Natural Root Color Melted into 14 Bleach.

This color has no textile dyes or toners. This is a bleach only color and can be toned, colored or bleached by a professional.

Width: 12 – 13 Inches

16 Inch 20 Grams
20 Inch 21 Grams

Caution: Self tanners, chlorine, sunscreen and ocean water have the potential to change the colors of our Hair Extensions. The Kacey Welch Method is NOT responsible for hair that is exposed to these factors, and we highly advise avoiding them.