Goodnight Tokyo Bundle



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Stylist Exclusive

@kennely_m is amazing in our Goodnight Tokyo! She is wearing 4–20 inch Silk Wefts! Did you know Goodnight Tokyo is our only virgin color? We added 4 Silk Wefts to create length and density. They were also colored darker to give her a deep, dark, and chocolate blend.

4 x Goodnight Tokyo

Goodnight Tokyo is virgin hair, meaning you can make it darker or lighter, think Catherine Zeta Jones to Sophia Vergara.

This color can be toned or bleached. Bleach and permanent color is safe for this shade.

FORMULA: 2 Bleach

All Silk Wefts come 12-13” wide and are approximately 37 grams.

As a caution: self tanners, chlorine and ocean water can potentially change the colors of the Silk Wefts. The Kacey Welch Method is not responsible for hair that is exposed to these factors, and we highly advise avoiding them.

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