Roman Holiday Clip-in


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Roman Holiday: Our Milk Chocolate Dimensional Brunette

*Leaning on the ashier side*

Product Details:

Product Weight – 75 grams

Hair Length – 20 Inches

Hair Width – 11 Inches

Hair Texture – Slight Wave

Luxury gold clips for simple attachment to natural hair

Color Description for the Professional: 

-2 Natural root balayaged into 6, 8, natural


100% Remy Human Hair – The highest quality available.


Wash, dry, & style as you would your own hair. Silk Weft Clip Ins can be colored and toned by your favorite professional. We do not recommend bleach

Please note: self tanners, chlorine, sunscreen, and ocean water have the potential to change the colors of the Silk Wefts. The Kacey Welch Method is NOT responsible for hair that is exposed to these factors and we highly advise avoiding them.

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