What is The Kacey Welch Method?

I started doing extensions 15 years ago, and over time, have really honed and perfected what I think is the best way to give my clients the most natural looking hair.

First, it starts with the hair. My silk wefts are all sourced from the highest quality natural hair and come in 6 colors. Click on the video “What are silk wefts” to learn all about them.

Next is placement. Placing extensions can be tricky, but again, over time, I’ve figured out the best technique to ensure that they look really natural and there isn’t a lot of separation between a client’s own hair and the extensions. I am thrilled to be able to teach my method to artists around the world.

The final thing is a great cut. You want to blend a client’s hair with the extension hair, leaving people guessing where one starts and the other ends. This is something we also teach in our classes.